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American Enforcement of Global Intelligence and Safety

AEGIS Logo by Edi Torres

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Stray #1


War Horse (Supreme Commander), Titan, The Theory, The Clique, Argos, Soldier of Liberty (field agents)

AEGIS, or the American Enforcement of Global Intelligence and Safety, is a publicly known law enforcement organization dedicated to the protecting the United States of America and all of it's international interests. What makes AEGIS unique is it's use of super powered agents.


AEGIS has a simplified organizational structure that many have called, "organized justice," for it's similarity to how the Mafia created "organized crime."

AEGIS Hierarchy Structure[]

Supreme Commander: War Horse - As Supreme Commander, War Horse (aka, Col. Jacob Pierce) does not have to answer to anyone, as AEGIS is an independent law enforcement organization that does not have to answer to any branch of the US Government (however, Pierce does consult with the President of the United States on matters of international policy and to coordinate AEGIS with the US Armed Forces.

Sgt. Major "Honest" Gabe Lincoln - Pierce's Second-In-Command. In organized crime terminology, Lincoln is the "underboss" of AEGIS.

Captains: The Captains function as "capos" and are field leaders. Notable Captains are Titan, Argos, and Soldier of Liberty.

Agents: There are various agents within AEGIS that have different functions. Science Team, Research Team, and Field Team.

"Eagle Squad" - The secret black ops team, led by Argos.

"The Pittsburgh Situation[]

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