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Dagar moss
Dagar by Drew Moss

First appearance:

All Great Comics #13 (1947)

Created by:

Edmond Good (original); Vito Delsante and Drew Moss


The Desert Hawk

Group affiliations:

Pax Mundi

Dagar the Desert Hawk is a public domain character, originally created by Edmond Good. The Universe D version is an updated version of the same character that carries on where Good's left off.

Golden Age/Good Origin[]

Dagar, the Desert Hawk, was a wealthy and powerful Arabian adventurer who would wear a traditional Bedouin robe. His love interest was the beautiful Ayesha.

Universe D History[]

Dagar is the field leader of the international peace keeping organization known as Pax Mundi. Pax Mundi is based in The Paxinium, a aircraft carrier-sized ship that goes wherever needed, always staying in international waters. Of course, the members of Pax Mundi and the power of the Paxinium can be brought to bear by just a word from Dagar.

Dagar is, like all members of Pax Mundi, a trained soldier. No matter the weapon or terrain, Dagar is ready, but the real tactical knowledge comes from the magic dagger he carries. It’s origins and aims are unclear, but it is the real power behind Pax Mundi.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dagar has no powers or extra human abilities, but is a master strategist and natural leader. He carries a mystical blade called the Dagger of Babylon, which gives him an unknown advantage in battle.

Golden Age Appearances[]

  • All Great Comics #13
  • Dagar, Desert Hawk #14-23
  • All Top Comics #18


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