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"god Smack" is the name of the drug that Rodney Weller is addicted to at the beginning of the Stray mini-series. The drug was created and is distributed by Dread Knight and his minions.


"god Smack" (also called "gSmack") was synthesized using the blood of Titan and, along with other psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs, creates the sensation of super powers in the user. Addicts have reported feelings of euphoria that compare to flying, adrenaline rushes that compare to super speed, and muscle tension that compares to having super strength, but it must be noted that none of these symptoms are true, nor do they last. In reality, the drug brings the user close to death, and the high is quick. gSmack is extremely addictive, and many deaths have been attributed to overdoses (as opposed to the user trying to "use" the super powers the drug "gives" them).

Roddy's Addiction[]

Roddy wasn't truly addicted to the drug, due to the nature of his metahuman abilities, but that didn't keep him from trying to achieve a high. In his words, he started taking gSmack to know what it was like to be a superhuman like the Titan.