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Soldier of Liberty
Solider of Liberty by Edi Torres

First appearance:

No information

Created by:

Vito Delsante and Edi Torres



Group affiliations:

United States Army (Rank: Captain)

While the Earth made first contact with alien life in 1898, there have been several subsequent meetings between man and alien. It was during the Second World War that one of these meetings occurred when a race of alien called the Thules made contact with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. While many heroes fought the Thules off, only one was sent into space to battle them directly and prevent them from ever returning. This unknown soldier volunteered for a secret procedure that would make him the pinnacle of human achievement, giving him super strength and invulnerability. Just before he entered the rocket that would take him into space, a nurse offered to contact his family for him, in case the mission failed. She asked his name, and he replied, “I'm a soldier of liberty, ma'am.”