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Scout Family
The Scout Family by Jay Piscopo

First appearance:

Created by:

Vito Delsante and Jay Piscopo


(l to r: Lady Scout, the Scout, Scout Lass, Scout Lad; Cubby [flying])

The Scout Family is a group of individuals that are transformed from ordinary humans into super powered beings (with two exceptions)

The Scout Family[]

The Scout - see referring page

Lady Scout – (Rebecca "Becky" Albert) Don's wife. She’s super fast with electricity/static based powers.

Scout Lass – (Shannon Albert) Don's daughter. She can affect the mass of objects and is slightly invulnerable.

Scout Lad – (Deen M'kan/Dean Albert) Adopted son. Deen is an alien teen from the future, and uses a flight belt and force field generator wristbands that can shoot out concussive force blast.

Cubby – Cubby is an evolved bear cub who can talk and loves to invent things. He and Scout Lad are best buds.

All are transformed when they utter the phrase, “Exsisto paratus!” Scout, Lady Scout and Scout Lass are the only true blood relations (father, mother, daughter), but the family adopted Scout Lad (and Cubby).