Watchdogs Col
The Watchdogs by Sean Izaakse

First appearance:

Stray (Volume 2) #3

Created by:

Vito Delsante, Edi Torres and Sean Izaakse


(l to r: Crossbow, Hoodoo, Black Cobra (6), Corsair, Heavy Metal, Stray, Grimoire, Doc Justice)

The Watchdogs are a group of non-AEGIS heroes that band together to fight the Cadre when Stray is denied assistance from AEGIS.

Members Edit

Black Cobra (6): Sixth in a family legacy. She is currently inactive, but as a former teammate of Doberman, she is is more than happy to help his son.

Crossbow: Member of AEGIS, he quits when War Horse denies Stray access to AEGIS resources.

Heavy Metal: Former member of The Clique, he has turned to a life of crime, but after Stray is assaulted by the Cadre, he joins his friend's new team.




Doc Justice: